anatomy of brain is not as tough as u think.....brain session

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anatomy of brain is not as tough as u think.....brain session

Post  woan shiang on Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:31 am many gyrus and sulcus,how to remember....
now i want to share how i memorize part of the sulcus and gyrus......

as we know, cerebral cortex is divided into 6 lobes: frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal, insulae and one more limbic!
in order to remember to remember the name of the gyrus and sulcus from the superior view of the brain, u have to borrow ur 3 fingers: index, middle and ring fingers

ok, i assume everybody know the sulcus centralis
anterior to the sulcus centralis: gyrus precentralis
posterior to the sulcus centralis: gyrus postcentralis

ok,now u see, anterior to gyrus precentralis, sulcus precentralis
posterior to gyrus postcentralis, sulcus postcentralis
so easily u remember the 2 gyrus and 3 sulcus already....

now come to frontal lobe:
open ur 3 fingers and point to the anterior
index finger: gyrus frontalis superior
middle finger: gyrus frontalis medius
ring finger: gyrus frontalis inferior
Very Happy in between index and middle fingers: sulcus frontalis superior
in between middle and ring fingers: sulcus frontalis inferior
Smile conclusion: frontal lobe has 3 gyrus and 2 sulcus

now come to temporal lobe:
put ur hand at the lateral side of the brain and point to the anterior
index finger: gyrus temporalis superior
middle finger: gyrus temporalis medius
ring finger: gyrus temporalis inferior
cyclops again, between index and middle finger: sulcus temporalis superior
between middle and ring finger: sulcus temporalis inferior

farao so, finish another lobe again

now come to the last lobe, parietal lobe
the most special lobe among all the 3 lobes,why? try answer.....

for parietal lobe we only need 2 fingers
gyrus is replaced with lobulus
the sulcus name does not follow the position like superior and inferior, bcoz
only got 1 sulcus what, how to give the position name....haha

so put ur hand on the parietal lobe and point to the anteroinferior
index finger: lobulus supraparietalis
middle finger: lobulus infraparietalis
Shocked between index and middle fingers: sulcus intraparietalis

Laughing so finish the anatomy brain session for superior view
see u next time!!!!!

woan shiang

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Post  aisyahuh on Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:49 pm

owh..thnks woan shiang!

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Post  malina ramlan on Fri May 02, 2008 9:07 pm

just wanna add some additional info on the brain.. *since woan shiang has been nagging me to comment her* Laughing
as we all know, the frontal lobe has quite a number of prominant sulci and gyri. the precentral sulcus (area 4) lies anterior and parallel to the central sulcus. more anteriorly the frontal lobe is divided 3 horizontal gyri as mentioned. at the inferior frontal gyrus, it is subdivided to 3 parts. from caudal to rostral, pars orbitalis, pars triangularis and pars opercularis. this 3 parts are divided by the two anterior branching of the lateral sulcus forming the anterior ascending ramus and the anterior horizintal ramus.

at the parietal lobe, the prominent features are the postcentral gyrus, and also the superior parietal and inferior parietal lobes. these two lobes is bordered by the intraparietal sulcus. the inferior temporal lobes consist of the angular gyrus and the supramarginal gyrus. the supramarginal gyrus 'caps' the ascending terminal end of the lateral cerebral sulcus whereas the angular gyrus is located more posterior and 'caps' the ascending terminal end of the superior temporal sulcus. cyclops

the relevance!:
precentral gyrus (area 4) : primary motor area. control of contraction for specific or groups of muscles.
postcental gyrus (area 1,2,3): primary somatosensory area. receive input from different sense receptors in the body. sense modality such as pain, thermal, proprioreception and tactile from specific body area can be detected.

posterior part of the superior frontal gyrus: premotor cortex area (area 6). important for motor programming and execution.
posterior part of the middle frontal gyrus: eye field area (area eight). control voluntary scanning movements of eyes.

inferior frontal gyrus
pars orbitalis: contains olfactory bulb, olfactory tract, olfactory trigone, and the lateral and medial olfactory stria.
pars opercularis and pars triangularis: broca's area of speech production and articulation (area 44 and 45)

inferior parietal lobe
supramarginal and angular gyrus : left hemisphere, important for the understanding of speech and symbolic language and it is part of a larger cortical area known as Wernicke's area (area 22, 39, 40) right hemisphere, this area is specialized for the perception of spatial orientation.

kay good luck for anatomy tentamen~ cheers
malina ramlan
malina ramlan

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Re: anatomy of brain is not as tough as u think.....brain session

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